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Samjīva Nilayam:
The purpose of yoga is to help us achieve our life goals with greater clarity & efficiency. Traditions may be many, but Truth is universal. There are no dogmas to enforce, only principles to master.

Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga personalized instruction in all aspects vinyasa, breathing, meditation, Sanskrit chanting & philosophy
Private instruction is a great way to quicken your progress in yoga. The benefits – especially when combined with regular daily practice – surpass expectations. Lessons generally run for upto 2 hours
Beginning Ashtanga Yoga classes for all levels: A slower-paced Ashtānga Yoga Half Primary Series practiced mindfully to better understand & coordinate breath, alignment & movement
We welcome people of all levels to come and enjoy the process of integrating yoga into all aspects of their life: View our wide range of classes including Beginning, Mysore, Vinyasa, Alignment, Breathing, Meditation, Sanskrit chanting & Philosophy
Prānāyāma - Yogic Breathing: Breathing is the most important component of any good yoga practice. Whether our goal is better postures, better health, more emotional peace, a healthier back or simply just to become enlightened, diving deeper into our breathing processes is the best way to quicken our success
Philosophy & Chanting classes: Gathering together, we shed light on the vast practices & philosophies of yoga stemming from the Indian culture of seeking Truth. We cover a wide range of topics including Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Sanskrit writing & grammar, and many many other yoga related topics.

photography © samjiva nilayam: ashtanga yoga orange county

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