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Change: The Only Constant

This photo came up in my Facebook Memories today (2020 May 2). Immediately it made me think of so called impermanence: In Buddhism they call it impermanence (pariṇāma in yoga, one of the 3 sources of our psychological suffering). What this means is, not that we are not immortal, but that nothing last forever, everything changes, the only thing constant is change. It's the nature of nature to cycle through endlessly: The ripe fruit (sattva) begins to rot (tamas), then from the rot in the ground, things grow forth (rajas) eventually again becoming the ripe fruit to repeat infinitely again & again. Our attention does this too. Our bodies do this. Everything does this. Those were great times when Sharath came annually to Jois Encinitas (photo from 2012). Now look how far things have changed. Look where we are now. This too is temporary. We only need to be grateful that we are still alive. We shouldn't worry too much about this. So long as we live through it, we are all guaranteed the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep practicing. Practice patience, endurance & equanimity. Also practice love, kindness, carrying & joy. Don't practice worry, fear & anger. Because, whatever you practice, that's what you become good at! My heartfelt sympathies to all those adversely effected by these times.


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