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This 4 Volume Series covers a wide breadth of material in an interactive way assisting your learning process in as practical & straightforward way as possible.

Foreward by Dena Kingsberg


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Sanskrit Professor & Priest in San Diego, CA

Shastriji studied at the renown Mysore Sanskrit College where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois once taught Yoga & Philosophy. Coming from the same philosophical background as our teachers - Guruji & Sharath - Shastri is an ideal & harmonious resource for us. We are so blessed to have him & his family here in our community.


He conducts weekly chanting classes & holiday functions here in San Diego, and is available for private functions as well as for teaching classes in your yoga community. He is extremely generous and easy going offering himself in service on a purely donation basis.


Contact: (858) 335 - 4352 | |

Sanskrit & Chanting Teacher in Mysore India

Lakshmish is the Sanskrit & Chanting professor at the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore India, as well as the pujari for the Jois family. I began studying with him in 2002.


Lakshmish’s chanting resources:

Dr MA Jayashree

Sanskrit & Chanting Teacher in Mysore India

 ​Dr. M.A. Jayashree holds a doctorate in Sanskrit from Bangalore University. She has authored many books, monographs and papers in the fields of Sanskrit, Ancient Sciences, Indian History, Indian Culture and Music. An accomplished teacher of spoken Sanskrit, propagating learning of spoken Sanskrit through simple means.


Contact: (+91 ) 98865-21065 |

Vedic Chanting CD's

The Challakere Brothers chanting is clear, moderately paced and pleasing to the ear. Their recordings are widely regarded as among the very best available.


Several sample recordings may be listed to here.

Online Sanskrit Dictionaries

Good choice if you do not know how to spell Sanskrit:
 ◦ Cologne & Capeller’s Dictionaries


Basic choice if you do know how to spell Sanskrit:
 ◦ Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary


More indepth resources:
 ◦ Generates & Looks-up Inflected Forms

Resources for ślokas & mantras:
 ◦ Sanskrit Documents

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