Chanting & Studying, 3rd Chapter of the Yoga Sūtras, Vibhūti Pāda:

Archives of this course are available at Youtube.com/ashtangayoga.


Chapters 1 & 2 lay the basis for the entire yogic process. Chapter 1 lays the primary foundational stone of clarity & clam. Chapter 2 gives the secondary step of self-analysis and asks us to dive deeply into the study & practice of the first four limbs: Yama, Niyama, Āsana & Prāṇāyāma. Once well established in these limbs, Chapter 3 presents an organized approach to our practice of self-analysis. This third chapter, Vibhūti Pāda, directs our attention to certain aspects of ourselves. First on the list: Develop the art of listening without superimposing our own thoughts on to what is heard. Patañjali also takes us step-by-step through various places in the body. All this to assist our process of becoming more purposeful and more awakened in our lives. Chapter 3, Vibhūti Pāda provides us with a checklist for thoroughness in Rāja Yoga.

These classes always express the Sūtras in a practical manner relevant to the modern Yogī / Yoginī. And in this process, you will learn to recite each sūtra, the meaning of each word, and also how the sūtras are inter-related to one another. Study of the Yoga Sūtras is a complex and intricate process that never ceases to fascinate & inspire our relationship with life & yoga for years on end.

Vibhūti Pāda, can be found in
Sanskrit & Chanting, Vol. 3, Pg. 54, or Vol. 4, Pg. 13. Books available in PDF & Print here: https://www.ashtangayogaorangecounty.com/books

Archives of these class are available at Youtube.com/ashtangayoga.


This class covers pronunciation from basics to details while chanting all the important mantras of Ashtānga Yoga in the traditional call & response manner:

  • Opening & Closing Ashtanga Chants

  • The 4 Pranayama Mantras

  • The 5 Mangala Mantra Verses

  • Several Shanti Mantras

We cover these mantras word by words, verses by verse. The greater we understand these mantras, the more we empower our chanting with focus & greater soul force.

Chanting Level I covers the curriculum found in Sanskrit & Chanting, Vol. 1. Books available in PDF & Print here: https://www.ashtangayogaorangecounty.com/books

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