“The whole basis of proper breathing is to ensure a perfect state of mind.”

~ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

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We offer a personalized approach to traditional yoga. Our yoga classes include alignment, vinyāsa, breathing, chanting, meditation & philosophy.


Ashtānga Yoga, the original vinyāsa yoga, synchronizes breath with movement to develop strength, flexibility, concentration and to improve overall health of body, mind & spirit. When approached properly, focusing on breath, movement, alignment & core, every body can effectively & safely enjoy the many benefits Ashtānga Yoga offers. Click here to learn more about Ashtānga Yoga »



Understanding & focusing on the fundamentals is the key to an enjoyable & successful experience. This class is suitable for the complete beginner and for anyone wanting to examine the practice beginning each movement at square one. Come learn the sun salutations, standing postures and seated postures of Ashtānga Yoga taught with detailed explanation of how to breathe & move in a safe, effective & healthy way. No experience necessary - all are welcome.


Drawing upon the Ashtānga Fundamentals classes, and introducing a more traditionally paced flow to produce more sweat, more strength & more focused tranquility, this class will teach you more of the Ashtānga Yoga Primary Series and help you to develop even greater levels of strength, flexibility, flow & focus. A modest level of physical aptitude is recommended.


Experience the full Ashtānga Yoga practice. Allow yourself to be guided through the Ashtānga Yoga Primary Series in the traditional manner. With a steady pace, each vinyāsa is clearly enumerated synchronizing breath & movement along with Sanskrit counting & names of the postures.  This practice melds together stamina, strength, flexibility, flow & focus opening you to new dimensions of your whole self: body, breath & spirit. Proficiency in yoga and a more than moderate level of physical aptitude is recommended.



Personal One-on-One Instruction: Whether you are completely new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner, the personal instruction provided in the Mysore style class offers the greatest potential for learning, practicing & progressing in yoga.


Mysore Ashtānga Yoga - About the Class: Mysore style functions differently than other yoga classes. Students are instructed one-on-one and at a pace according to personal ability. This ensures a safe, effective & enjoyable experience of Ashtānga Yoga, while maximizing the benefits you receive & the progress you make in yoga. If you have an interest in or question about Mysore, please Call or Email to discuss. We would be happy to answer your questions & to further explain the Mysore style process to you.




Breathing is the most important component of any good yoga practice. Whether our goal is better postures, better health, more emotional peace, a healthier back or simply just to become enlightened, diving deeper into our breathing processes is the best way to quicken our success. No late entry.


Meditation description shall go here. All things come when the time is right, so for now a place-holder takes the space where the silent meditation belongs. Everyone belongs somewhere. No experience necessary - all are welcome!


Chanting awakens our vitality while bringing depth to our yoga practice. It is both a meditative breathing practice as well as a solid foundation for the study of yoga philosophy. Unlike āsana practice, chanting, prāṇāyāma, meditation & philosophy continue to improve with age. No experience necessary - all are welcome!


A Prāṇāyāma, Chanting & Philosophy class: Gathering together, we shed light on the vast practices & philosophies of yoga stemming from the Indian culture of seeking Truth. We cover a wide range of topics including Yoga Sūtras, Bhagavad Gītā, Sanskrit writing & grammar, and many many other yoga related topics. Please see our workbooks, Sanskrit & Chanting » No experience necessary - all are welcome!


This class covers pronunciation from basics to details while chanting all the important mantras of Ashtānga Yoga in the traditional call & response manner:

  • Opening & Closing Ashtanga Chants

  • The 4 Pranayama Mantras

  • The 5 Mangala Mantra Verses

  • Several Shanti Mantras

We cover these mantras word by words, verses by verse. The greater we understand these mantras, the more we empower our chanting with focus & greater soul force. No experience necessary - all are welcome!

BHAGAVAD GĪTĀ: Thursdays 5:30 – 6:45 PM (PDT)

The Bhagavd Gītā is an important text on yoga. It addresses issues commonly faced by all of us. How do we find our way amidst the discrepancies that lie between expectations, responsibilities & personal choice? The Gītā sheds light on this as well as many other aspects of life & the nature of creation. How do we understand the opportunities presented to us in a way that gives us the inspiration to act with our full faculties. You can watch classes on Youtube or listen on our Podcast.


Chanting & Studying, 3rd Chapter of the Yoga Sūtras, Vibhūti Pāda: Chapters 1 & 2 lay the basis for the entire yogic process. Chapter 1 lays the primary foundational stone of clarity & calm. Chapter 2 gives the secondary step of self-analysis and asks us to dive deeply into the study & practice of the first four limbs: Yama, Niyama, Āsana & Prāṇāyāma. Once well established in these limbs, Chapter 3 presents an organized approach to our practice of self-analysis. This third chapter, Vibhūti Pāda, directs our attention to certain aspects of ourselves. First on the list: Develop the art of listening without superimposing our own thoughts on to what is heard. Patañjali also takes us step-by-step through various places in the body. All this to assist our process of becoming more purposeful and more awakened in our lives. Chapter 3, Vibhūti Pāda provides us with a checklist for thoroughness in Rāja Yoga.

These classes always express the Sūtras in a practical manner relevant to the modern Yogī / Yoginī. And in this process, you will learn to recite each sūtra, the meaning of each word, and also how the sūtras are inter-related to one another. Study of the Yoga Sūtras is a complex and intricate process that never ceases to fascinate & inspire our relationship with life & yoga for years on end.
No experience necessary - all are welcome!